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Name Code Type
Assessment MEDN71041 Module
Assessment, Communication and Educational Media MEDN71020 Module
Bioinformatics Interpretation Statistics and Data Quality MEDN67981 Module
Cell & Tissue Function in Human Disease MEDN20012 Module
Cinical Masterclass MEDN61362 Module
Clinical Bioinformatics 1 MEDN68300 Module
Clinical risk assessment formulation and management MEDN68712 Module
Communication MEDN66042 Module
Community Attachment MEDN50020 Module
Curriculum Development MEDN71032 Module
Curriculum Management MEDN71031 Module
Delivering Teaching and Facilitating Learning in Practice MEDN76090 Module
District General Hospital MEDN50040 Module
Division of Cardiovascular Sciences I3066 Division
Division of Dentistry I3024 Division
Division of Developmental Biology and Medicine I3067 Division
Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology I3068 Division
Division of Medical Education (including CHSTM) I3069 Division
Division of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Sciences I3070 Division
Educational Leadership & Management and Teaching & Learning MEDN71042 Module
Educational Media MEDN66052 Module
Educational Media & Communication MEDN71012 Module
Elective MEDN50010 Module
Evaluation and Assessment Methods MEDN66032 Module
Exempting Exam MEDN50060 Module
Finals MEDN50070 Module
French Language MEDN20042 Module
French Language MEDN40062 Module
French Language MEDN30062 Module
German Language MEDN40032 Module
German Language MEDN20032 Module
Introduction to Blood Sciences MEDN63021 Module
Introduction to Clinical Bioinformatics 2 MEDN68310 Module
Laboratory Project Research MEDN30030 Module
MBChB Year 1 MEDN10000 Module
MBChB Year 3 MEDN30000 Module
MBChB Year 4 MEDN40000 Module
MBChB Year 5 MEDN50000 Module
Medical Sciences Tutorial and Seminar Units 1 and 2 MEDN61370 Module
Medicine MBChB Year 2 MEDN20000 Module
Mental Health CCG Leadership Programme 13075-COMMUNITY-BBMH-CCG-MH Programme
Minute Mechanisms MEDN30071 Module
Pathology 1 (General Pathology) MEDN30031 Module
Pathology 2 (Pathology of Systems) MEDN30032 Module
Pathology 3 (General Paper) MEDN30051 Module
Personal Professional Development MEDN71001 Module
Personal/Professional Development 1 MEDN66001 Module
Personal/Professional Development 2 MEDN66011 Module
Principles of Assessment MEDN71062 Module
Research Project Placement 1 MEDN61381 Module
Research Project Placement 2 MEDN61402 Module
Research Skills Unit MEDN61351 Module
Semester 1 MEDN10011 Module
Semester 2 MEDN10012 Module
Semester 3 MEDN20001 Module
Semester 4 MEDN20002 Module
Spanish Language MEDN30042 Module
Spanish Language MEDN20022 Module
Spanish Language MEDN40022 Module
SSC - Narrative Medicine MEDN55555 Module
Student Selected Block MEDN50050 Module
Summer Semester: F&C and M&M MEDN40020 Module
Summer Semester: NME / HLB MEDN30020 Module
Teaching Hospital Attachment MEDN50030 Module
Teaching Methods MEDN71011 Module
Teaching Methods MEDN66021 Module
Winter Semester: F&C / M&M MEDN40010 Module
Winter Semester: NME / HLB MEDN30010 Module

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Title Academic Year Last updated
Mental Health CCG Leadership Programme 2014-2015 Ended 31/05/2015 23/10/2014 11:39:53