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Name Code Type
Advanced Visual Neurophysiology OPTO20581 Module
Binocular Vision A OPTO20362 Module
Binocular Vision B OPTO30221 Module
Clinical Practical Sessions OPTO30200 Module
Contact Lenses A OPTO20372 Module
Contact Lenses B OPTO30651 Module
Contemporary Social Work Interventions in Practice SOWK60312 Module
Developmental Language Disorders 2 HCDI41031 Module
Dispensing A OPTO10292 Module
Dispensing B OPTO20080 Module
Division of Human Communication, Development and Hearing I3076 Division
Division of Informatics, Imaging and Data Sciences I3077 Division
Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work I3037 Division
Division of Pharmacy and Optometry I3038 Division
Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care I3079 Division
Division of Psychology and Mental health I3040 Division
Functional Anatomy of the Eye OPTO10171 Module
Geometrical Optics OPTO10151 Module
Instrumentation OPTO20091 Module
Introduction to social work SOWK60661 Module
Law for Social Work Practice SOWK60664 Module
Legal and Professional Aspects of Optometry OPTO30231 Module
Low Vision OPTO30410 Module
Low Vision OPTO30771 Module
MOptometry Tutorial - Year 3, Sem 1 (0 credits) OPTO31201 Module
MOptometry Tutorial - Year 4, Sem 2 (0 credits) OPTO31202 Module
Ocular Disease OPTO30891 Module
Optometric Examination A OPTO10190 Module
Optometric Examination B OPTO20100 Module
Optometric Studies OPTO30732 Module
Optometry Tutorial - Year 3 OPTO31200 Module
Optometry Tutorials - Year 2 OPTO20200 Module
Pharmacology B: Ocular Pharmacology OPTO30612 Module
Pharmacology Practical Unit OPTO30621 Module
Physical Optics OPTO10312 Module
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children SOWK60311 Module
Social, Political and Organisational Contexts of Social Work SOWK60662 Module
Visual Ergonomics, Lamps and Lighting OPTO20282 Module
Visual Neurophysiology & Fundamentals of Visual Perception OPTO10360 Module
Visual Optics OPTO20291 Module
Visual Optics OPTO20292 Module
Visual Psychophysics and Neurophysiology OPTO20621 Module

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