1. Key Texts 3 items
    1. Chemical process design and integration - Robin Smith 2016

      Book  Also available as a VLE ebook

    2. Distillation: fundamentals and principles 2014

      Book  Also available as an ebook via MyiLibrary and Science Direct. Read Chapter 6: Jobson, M. "Energy Considerations in Distillation"

    3. Energy Considerations in Distillation - Megan Jobson

      Chapter  Direct link to Chapter cited above via Science Direct

  2. Further Reading 2 items
    1. Separation process principles: chemical and biochemical operations - J. D. Seader, Ernest J. Henley, D. Keith Roper c2011


    2. Separation process principles - Ernest J. Henley, J. D. Seader, D. Keith Roper c2011