1. Week one 3 items
    1. Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time - Jeffrey Pfeffer 2015

      Book  Introduction and Chap 1, pp.1-61

    2. Chapter 2: Behaviours


  2. Week two 3 items
  3. Week three 2 items
  4. Week four 3 items
    1. Risk, uncertainty and profit - Frank Hyneman Knight 1957

      Book  Chapter 7 read only sections of the chapter starting with the conclusion on pp 230-2 and then taking an overview of pp. 210-32.

  5. Week five 4 items
    1. Trade Associations, Narrative and Elite Power - Andrew Bowman, Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal, Karel Williams 09/2017


  6. Week six 1 item
  7. Trump assignment 5 items
    Here are some essential starting points.
    1. Presidential Power and the Modern President - R Neustadt

      Article  This is an extract from the Presidential Power book presenting his core argument that the US President has only ever had “the power to persuade” Clinton and Obama clearly then found it more difficult to get things done by persuasion domestically because of hostile legislatures and internationally because of a multipolar world.

    2. Is Donald Trump the Great Disrupter? Probably not. - S Skowronek

      Article  This is the best 1,000 words ever on Trump from a grand historical perspective, Here Trump is a loner president who can pull things apart but not set a “ new standard of legitimacy “ as FDR or Reagan did.

    3. Presidential Leadership - George R. Goethals 02/2005