1. General Recommendations 6 items
    Includes some sources on grammar that you may have read in year one (either in Linguistics, or in Child Language Acquisition).
    1. Linguistics for clinicians - Black, Maria, Chiat, Shula 2003

      Book Essential You don't have to buy it, but we will be making use of parts of this book throughout the first half of the unit. Chapter 4 is digitised separately - see the section below on 'Grammar - books and assessments'.

    2. First language acquisition - Eve V. Clark 2009

      Book  Chapters 7 (First Constructions) and 9 (Adding Complexity) are useful optional reading. Chapter 10 (Combining Clauses) is recommended reading for sessions on multi-clause utterances. This is an e-book

    3. English words and sentences: an introduction - Eva Eppler, Gabriel Ozon 2013

      Book  You have used this in Year 1 of course, but it's still a clear and very relevant reminder text.

    4. Rediscover grammar - David Crystal 1996

      Book  This is a very useful reminder of the basics, and easy to digest. Useful if you weren't feeling confident about grammar in year 1.

    5. How children learn language - O'Grady, William D. 2005

      Book  Chapters 4, 'Words in a row' and 5, 'What sentences mean'.

  2. Session 1 4 items
    1. Intervention for Verb Argument Structure in Children With Persistent SLI: A Randomized Control Trial. J Speech Lang Hear Res - S. H. Ebbels, H. K. J. van der Lely, J. E. Dockrell 2007

      Article Essential See note in Blackboard session 2

    2. Form and Function @ The Internet Grammar of English

      Webpage Recommended This section describes clause elements in terms of their role in the sentence and includes some useful self-test exercises. Note that they use the term 'adjunct' where I use 'adverbial'. And don't worry about the final page about unusual sentence types.

    3. English words and sentences: an introduction. Chapter 7. - Eppler, Eva, Ozon, Gabriel 2013

      Book Further Chapter 7, Functional analysis, especially pages 162-164.

    4. Black, M. & Chiat, S. (2003) Chapter 4: 'Hierarchical Structure' from Linguistics for Clinicians pp.52-82, London,: Arnold.

      Chapter Further This is a digitised chapter - clicking on the link should take you directly to the full text of the chapter. Read it before the lecture if you are not confident in dividing up a clause into its constituent phrases.

  3. Session 2 2 items
    1. Word Classes: An Introduction @ The Internet Grammar of English

      Webpage Recommended Useful to read through all this, though some of the IGE terminology is different. Look at the 'pronouns and determiners' section in particular.

    2. Linguistics for clinicians - Black, Maria, Chiat, Shula 2003

      Book Recommended Chap 9 - This deals with thematic roles. It doesn’t use SVO terminology is but is useful for understanding the roles sentence elements play; Chap 10 - SVO terminology

  4. Session 3 2 items
  5. Session 4 0 items
  6. Sessions 5 & 6; Coordination and Subordination 15 items
    Also look at the relevant sections in Eppler and Ozon , and the Internet Grammar of English
    1. English words and sentences: an introduction - Eppler, Eva, Ozon, Gabriel 2013

      Book Recommended Chapter 7 is useful revision, especially p162-164

    2. The acquisition of complex sentences. - Holger Diessel 2004

      Book Recommended Detailed text on complex grammar. Particularly useful are chapters 1, 3, 7 - chapter 7 is digitised and the link is immediately below.

    3. The acquisition of complex sentences, Chap 7 - Holger Diessel 2004

      Chapter Essential Chapter 7, Adverbial and coordinate clauses. This is a digitised section from the book; click on the link to open.

    4. First language acquisition - Eve V. Clark 2009

      Book Further Chapter 10, Combining clauses

    5. The use of reported speech in children's narratives: A priming study - L. Serratrice, A. Hesketh, R. Ashworth 01/02/2015

      Article Further

    6. Session 7: Narrative structure and measuring change 9 items
      1. How Grammatical Are 3-Year-Olds? LSHSS 43, 36-52 - Eisenberg, S.L., Guo, L., Germezia, M. 2012

        Article Further

      2. Encouraging Use of Subordination in Children’s Narratives: A Classroom-Based Priming Study - Anne Hesketh, Ludovica Serratrice, Rachel Ashworth 2016

        Article Recommended

      3. Comparison of Personal Versus Fictional Narratives of Children With Language Impairment - A McCabe, L Bliss, G Barra, M Bennett. 2008., AJSLP

        Article Further

  7. Session 8 0 items
  8. Session 9 Intervention 4 items
    1. The Efficacy of Recasts in Language Intervention: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis - Cleave et al A, J Speech-Language Pathology 2015

      Article Recommended Full ref: Cleave, P. L., Becker, S. D., Curran, M. K., Van Horne, A. J. O., & Fey, M. E. (2015). The Efficacy of Recasts in Language Intervention: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 24(2), 237-255. doi:10.1044/2015_ajslp-14-0105

    2. Understanding child language acquisition - Caroline Rowland 2013

      Book Further Chapter 4, Acquiring Syntax

  9. Session 10 1 item