1. Preliminary reading 3 items
    1. Miscarriages of justice: a review of justice in error - Walker, Clive, Starmer, Keir 1999


  2. Recent publications 9 items
    1. Criminal judges: legitimacy, courts and state-induced guilty pleas in Britain - Michael McConville, Luke Marsh 2014

      Book  Chapter 1: McConville, M. and Marsh, L. 'Criminal justice: system, process and legitimacy' available as a pdf via the publisher's website - see next entry

    2. Chapter 1: Criminal justice: system, process and legitimacy - Mike McConville, Luke Marsh

      Chapter  Introduction available as a (linked) PDF via the publisher's website.

    3. Too Young to Plead? Risk, Rationality, and Plea Bargaining’s Innocence Problem in Adolescents. - Rebecca K. Helm, Valerie F. Reyna, Allison A. Franz, Rachel Z. Novick 21/12/2017


    4. Miscarriages of justice: causes, consequences and remedies - Sam Poyser, Angus Nurse, Rebecca Milne 2018


    5. The United Nations principles to combat impunity: a commentary 2018 (electronic resource)

      Book  Available as an eBook via EBook Central

  3. December additions 12 items
    1. The Criminal Cases Review Commission: hope for the innocent? - Michael Naughton, Innocence Network UK. Inaugural Symposium 2009

      Book  Chapters 1, 2, 11 and 16

    2. Stolen Innocence - John Batt September 27, 2005

      Book  On order 12/18

    3. The death of justice - Michael O'Brien 2008

      Book  On order 12/18

    4. Wrongful Convictions and Innocence Projects in the UK: Help, Hope and Education - Michael Naughton

      Article  Available to download via the Bailli website

    5. Innocence Projects - Michael Naughton

      Article  Available to download from the author's website

    6. Innocence projects: a perfect solution for clinical legal education? - Michael Naughton, Julie Price

      Article  Available via the UKLE website and link offered on Michael Naughton's personal website.

    7. The Criminal Law Review

      Journal  Available via Westlaw. Read Nobles, Richard and Schiff, David (2005) The criminal cases review commission: establishing a workable relationship with the Court of Appeal' Criminal Law Review 173-189

    8. Factual Innocence versus Legal Guilt: The Need for a New Pair of Spectacles to view the Problem of Life-Sentenced Prisoners Maintaining Innocence - Michael Naughton

      Article  Pdf made available via the Innocence UK website. Link also offered via Michael Naughton's personal website.

    9. Confronting an uncomfortable truth: Not all alleged victims of false accusations will be innocent! - Michael Naughton 10/11/2007

      Article  Keynote speech available to download from the F.A.C.T. (Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers) website. Again, link also offered via the author's own website.

  4. Website 1 item
    1. The Justice Gap Series

      Webpage  Ongoing series of relevant publications and events.

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