1. This is a long list of reading. You are NOT expected to read everything.


    The reading has been categorised by lecture topic into Essential, Recommended and Further.  

    When reading the articles don't get too concerned about the methodology of the papers and the technical aspects (e.g. hypotheses, equations, statistical tests etc.); focus on the context of the research, key findings and most importantly the conclusions and managerial implications

    You are NOT required to purchase any textbooks


  2. Practitioner and trade journals; industry/sector web sites; newspapers with special sections on retailing 18 items
    If you are applying for jobs in the retail sector then this list of journals and web sites is a good way to prepare.
    1. Internet Retailing Magazine

      Website Further Can be a bit technical at times but really is cutting edge and aimed at busy executives so is friendly read for the most part.

    2. British Retail Consortium - Home  

      Webpage Further This is the trade body for (major) UK retailers

    3. Web site of fashion forecasting and performance tracking firm

      Webpage Further Might be useful for the assignment. Interesting blogs and reports on fashion trends. So if you are going for an interview with a fashion retailer, worth having a look here.

    4. Deloitte's web portal to their retail section

      Webpage Further Free reports to browse and download

    5. John Lewis Partnership - Media

      Webpage Further Entry point to John Lewis Partnerhip's (JLP) media page which has articles, web casts and lots more. JLP is one of the UK's most admired retailers.

    6. Retail industry | Business |

      Webpage Further There is a special section about retailing in The Guardian newspaper.

    7. Chain Store Age

      Website Further US trade retail journal

    8. Retail Think Tank: Home

      Webpage Further Provides scenarios by leading thinkers

    9. Mary Portas Official.

      Website Further Mary Portas - former retail executive and television retail celebrity.

    10. The Robin Report - articles by Paco Underhill

      Webpage Further I am a big fan of Paco Underhill. Short, practical and contemporary observations of retailing. Worth a browse!

    11. Price Waterhouse Cooper: Retail & Consumer portal

      Webpage Further Another useful consultant's web site with free reports to download.

    12. UK Retailers - Insight from the UK Food retail market.

      Website Recommended Interesting blog with a focus on Morrisons

    13. Navigating the new retail landscape: a guide for business leaders - A. D. Treadgold, Jonathan Reynolds 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

  3. Lecture 1 Introduction: What is retailing and who are retailers? Success in retailing. Retail change theories 27 items
    1. Articles 19 items
      This collection of articles covers the issues of just what is retailing about, who are the retailers (as individuals) and what makes for a successful retailer. The term 'retailer' is covered in Pal & Medway "What is a retailer?"
      1. What is a retailer? - John Pal, Dominic Medway 07/2013

        Article Essential A short piece on what the attributes of a retail (leader) are.

      2. Ron Johnson: ‘I was a terrible fit for J.C. Penney’ | Chain Store Age

        Webpage Essential Just because something worked in one retail setting does not necessarily mean it will be the 'right' thing for another retailer. Find out how the brains behind Apple stores came unstuck at J C Penney.

      3. Institutional Change in Retailing: A Review and Synthesis - Stephen Brown 1987

        Article Essential A long article and seemingly dated but this is a classic

      4. The concept of the “Big Middle” - M LEVY, D GREWAL, R PETERSON, B CONNOLLY 2005

        Article Essential This is one of the few new theories of retail change. Read this AFTER you have read the article "Institutional change in retailing" by Stephen Brown

      5. Birth, Life and Death: A Retail Cycle

        Webpage Essential Short article that provides a useful way to understand retail change

      6. Ron Johnson: "It’s Not About Speed to Market. It’s Really About Doing Your Level Best." | Stanford Graduate School of Business

        Webpage Recommended Includes a summary of key points from the creator of the Apple retail concept, with a link to a longer film clip of a talk with Ron Johnson.

      7. Who needs experts? UK retail giants take a calculated risk with new bosses - Nelson Blackley May 17, 2017 4.09pm BSTMay 17, 2017 4.09pm BST

        Article Further

      8. BBC News - My Bottom Line: David Wild, Halfords

        Webpage Further Short video clip with CEO of Halfords

      9. For love and money: The common traits of successful retailers - Leonard L. Berry, Kathleen Seiders, Larry G. Gresham 1997-9

        Article Further

      10. Practices of excellent companies in the retail industry - Sherrie La Vere, Brian H. Kleiner 02/1997

        Article Further

    2. Collection of articles about Apple. These articles will help you understand what a successful retail operation looks like. 8 items
      Apple has been very innovative in its retail offer. Find out how it has achieved its success. And find out why Ron Johnson, formerly of Apple, could not replicate his success at J C Penney.
  4. Lectures 2 and 3 Retail Strategy & Positioning 17 items
    1. Articles 17 items
      1. Standardized marketing strategies in retailing? IKEA’s marketing strategies in Sweden, the UK and China - Steve Burt, Ulf Johansson, Åsa Thelander 2011-5

        Article Essential Builds on Walters' "Positioning for Profit" framework introduced in the lecture. Through the use of examples shows how retailing can be different in various countries.

      2. Testing Retail Marketing-Mix Effects on Patronage: A Meta-Analysis - Markus Blut, Christoph Teller, Arne Floh 06/2018

        Article Essential This is a very recent (2018) meta review from the pre-eminent academic retail journal (Journal of Retailing). But don't get too concerned about the details of how the research was undertaken. Focus your reading on pages 113-120; and the discussion and managerial implications from page 128.

      3. Retailers׳ expansion mode choice in foreign markets: Antecedents for expansion mode choice in the light of internationalization theories - Karine Picot-Coupey, Steve L. Burt, Gérard Cliquet 11/2014

        Article Essential We will meet this article again in the lecture on international retailing

      4. The Future of Retailing

        Webpage Essential This is the 6 page editorial to a special edition of the Journal of Retailing. Good way to get a feel for some of the forthcoming issues and research areas.

      5. The employee-customer-profit chain at Sears Jan 1998

        Article Essential This is a classic article. Attitudes driving behaviour is the approach taken by Sears in turning round the company. It was then used by other retailers. But consider this: shouldn't retailers try to change employee behaviour and then that changes attitudes?

      6. BBC News - Tesco unveils new superstore after profits drop (August 2013)

        Webpage Essential This short clip features Philip Clarke, CEO of Tesco, on what the firm is doing to remedy its problems. Philip Clarke retired from the comany after 40 years service within about 9 months of this being filmed.

      7. Don't Be Undersold! - Steenkamp, Jan-Benedict E. M. Kumar, Nirmalya. 2009

        Article Recommended Article from Harvard Business Review about Aldi's strategy

      8. Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives - Eleonora Pantano, Bang Nguyen, Charles Dennis, Sabine Gerlach 2016

        Book Recommended This is an e-book

      9. Four Reasons Why an Online Retailer Decided to Open Stores - Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa - Harvard Business Review

        Webpage Recommended Not all retailing and retailers are'moving' from a physical outlet to a virtual presence.

      10. Retail Board Governance in the Age of Disruption - The Robin Report

        Webpage Further Good for asking questions about strategy and performance.

      11. The BHS turnaround plan -March 2015

        Document Further The failure and purported turnaround of BhS are notorious. Here you can see the turnaround plan submitted Retail Acquisitions and published in the Select Committee investigation to the pensions crisis at BhS.

      12. The evolution of a luxury brand: the case of Prada - Christopher M. Moore, Stephen A. Doyle 12/10/2010

        Article Further Useful case study of Prada's development.

      13. Why Are Themed Brandstores So Powerful? Retail Brand Ideology at American Girl Place - Stefania Borghini, Nina Diamond, Robert V. Kozinets, Mary Ann McGrath 2009-9

        Article Further

  5. Lectures 4 and 5 Merchandising, range planning and pricing 21 items
    1. Articles 21 items
      1. Assortment Variety: Too Much of a Good Thing? - Barbara E. Kahn, Evan Weingarten, Claudia Townsend 2013

        Article Essential

      2. Which products should you stock? - Fisher, Marshall

        Journal Essential Takes the reader through the process of how to decide which products to delist. There's a bit of maths in here but nothing too onerous, and it's the principles that are of real interest.

      3. Trends in retail pricing: A consumer perspective - Ian Yeoman, Carol Wheatley, Una McMahon-Beattie 2017-4

        Article Essential Speculates about a series of consumer trends and then works through the pricing implications. A very readable article

      4. Differential pricing, chapter from the 1% Windfall

        Webpage Essential Great review of the various ways that retailers can use price to attract customers

      5. Retailers' and manufacturers' price-promotion decisions: Intuitive or evidence-based? - Svetlana Bogomolova, Marietta Szabo, Rachel Kennedy 07/2017

        Article Essential Retail pricing as art or science - be astonished!

      6. "Passivity": a model of grocery retail price decision-making practice - Watson, IainWood, SteveFernie, John 2015

        Article Recommended Another eye opener of an article that suggest decision making about pricing is not what it might seem.

      7. Do too many new products hamper retailers’ profits? | EDITD

        Webpage Recommended From a trade web site - a practical view on this important topic

      8. Strategic Assortment Decisions in Information-Intensive and Turbulent Environments - Marnik G. Dekimpe, Katrijn Gielens, Jagmohan Raju, Jacquelyn S. Thomas 2011-7

        Article Recommended

      9. Morrisons' price cut strategy leaves suppliers reeling

        Webpage Recommended The impact of price cuts for customers means someone, somewhere has to pay for them - in this case the supplier.

  6. Lectures 7 and 8 Supplier selection and and supplier management 19 items
    1. Articles 19 items
      1. A model of supplier–retailer power asymmetry in the Australian retail industry - Catherine Sutton-Brady, Patty Kamvounias, Tom Taylor 11/2015

        Article Essential

      2. Supermarkets & suppliers: Inside the price war - Telegraph

        Webpage Essential Reveals some of the negotiating tactics used by major retailers.

      3. Bounds, G. (2006) “The long road to Wal-Mart shelves”, The Wall Street Journal June 5, 2006

        Webpage Essential This explains, in a short case study, how suppliers could go about getting thier produicts listed at a large retailer, such as Wal-Mart

      4. Power in distribution channels — Supplier assortment strategy for balancing power - Jakob Rehme, Daniel Nordigården, Daniel Ellström, Daniel Chicksand 04/2016

        Article Recommended

      5. B2B `Relationships' - A Social Construction of Reality? - Keith Blois 03/2003

        Article Recommended Whilst this is rather dated it details how M&S delisted one of its suppliers.

      6. Sourcing ethics and the global market - Mike Pretious, Mary Love 12/2006

        Article Recommended

      7. An assessment of sourcing strategies in the Swedish apparel industry - Johan Åkesson, Patrik Jonsson, Robert Edanius-Hällås 2007

        Article Recommended

      8. How procurement managers view low cost countries and geographies: A perceptual mapping approach - Joseph R. Carter, Arnold Maltz, Tingting Yan, Elliot Maltz 2008

        Article Recommended

  7. Lectures 9 and 10 Store design, layout and visual merchandising 23 items
    1. Store Atmospherics: A Multisensory Perspective - Charles Spence, Nancy M. Puccinelli, Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen 07/2014

      Article Essential

    2. The fluent online shopping experience - Jill Mosteller, Naveen Donthu, Sevgin Eroglu 11/2014

      Article Essential

    3. Insights from In-Store Marketing Experiments - Jens Nordfält, Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen, Krista M. Hill

      Article Essential Details some in-store experiments undertaken in relation to store atmospherics and visual merchandising.

    4. How storefront displays influence retail store image - Britta Cornelius, Martin Natter, Corinne Faure 2010-3

      Article Recommended

    5. Store-window creativity's impact on shopper behavior - Fredrik Lange, Sara Rosengren, Angelica Blom 03/2016

      Article Recommended

    6. Store-window creativity's impact on shopper behavior - Fredrik Lange, Sara Rosengren, Angelica Blom 03/2016

      Article Recommended

    7. The Magnitude of Change Effect in Store Remodeling - Carla R. Ferraro, Tracey S. Danaher, Peter J. Danaher, Sean J. Sands 12/2017

      Article Recommended What happens when a store is refitted?

    8. Does the presence of a mannequin head change shopping behavior? - Annika Lindström, Hanna Berg, Jens Nordfält, Anne L. Roggeveen 02/2016

      Article Further

    9. Are Men Seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price Perceptions - Nancy M. Puccinelli, Rajesh Chandrashekaran, Dhruv Grewal, Rajneesh Suri 2013-6

      Article Further

    10. Online Shopper Motivations, and e-Store Attributes: An Examination of Online Patronage Behavior and Shopper Typologies - Jaishankar Ganesh, Kristy E. Reynolds, Michael Luckett, Nadia Pomirleanu 03/2010

      Article Recommended

    11. The Impact of the Multi-channel Retail Mix on Online Store Choice: Does Online Experience Matter? - Kristina Melis, Katia Campo, Els Breugelmans, Lien Lamey 06/2015

      Article Recommended

    12. Waitrose's redesign: where did it go wrong? | Econsultancy

      Webpage Recommended Details on how categories and the design of the page are related - or not as the case may be here!

    13. How Online Product Reviews Affect Retail Sales: A Meta-analysis - Kristopher Floyd, Ryan Freling, Saad Alhoqail, Hyun Young Cho 06/2014

      Article Further

  8. Lecture 11 Customer communications 2 items
    1. Help or hinder? When recommendation signage expands consideration sets and heightens decision difficulty - Joseph K. Goodman, Susan M. Broniarczyk, Jill G. Griffin, Leigh McAlister 04/2013

      Article Essential Don't worry about the statistics in this article. Read the discussion sections after each experiment is described, and especially the 'General discussion' and 'Managerial implications' on pages 172-3.

    2. The Impact of Different Touchpoints on Brand Consideration - Shane Baxendale, Emma K. Macdonald, Hugh N. Wilson 06/2015

      Article Recommended Good executive summary at the end of the article.

  9. Lecture 12 Retail operations 11 items
    1. Articles 11 items
      1. The flagship format within the luxury fashion market - Karinna Nobbs 2012

        Article Essential Introduces the notion of the 'third space'. What are the implications of this on store layout and productivity?

      2. Retail relationships in a digital age - Kathleen Keeling, Debbie Keeling, Peter McGoldrick 07/2013

        Article Further

      3. Retail Operations: Six success factors for a tough market

        Document Recommended A practical focus on retail operations

  10. Lecture 13 Customer service 3 items

      Article Essential Although dated, the service profit chain has been important in defining customer needs. And of course Sears is no longer the company it once was!

  11. Lecture 14 Stockloss management 3 items
    1. Creating a safe and pleasant shopping environment: a retailer's view - Kajalo, SamiLindblom, Arto 2015

      Article Recommended

  12. Lectures 15 and 16 Retail Location 15 items
    1. Articles 15 items
      1. Location decision making in retail firms: evolution and challenge - Jonathan Reynolds, Steve Wood 2010

        Article Essential

      2. The Magnitude of Change Effect in Store Remodeling - Carla R. Ferraro, Tracey S. Danaher, Peter J. Danaher, Sean J. Sands 12/2017

        Article Recommended

      3. The growing permanence of pop-up outlets within the international location strategies of fashion retailers - Bethan Alexander, Karinna Nobbs, Rosemary Varley 14/05/2018

        Article Recommended

      4. Bennison, D., Clarke, I. and Pal, J. (1995) Location decision making in retailing: an exploratory framework for analysis, The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 5 (1), January, 1-20

        Article Recommended Articles: (note university username and password required for off-campus access). This was our first classification of location decision types and location decision making.

      5. Location planning in charity retailing - Andrew Alexander, David Cryer, Steve Wood 2008

        Article Recommended

      6. Perspectives on retail format innovation: relating theory and practice - Jonathan Reynolds, Elizabeth Howard, Christine Cuthbertson, Latchezar Hristov 2007

        Article Further

  13. Lectures 17 and 18 International retailing and international retail failure 15 items
    1. The growing permanence of pop-up outlets within the international location strategies of fashion retailers - Bethan Alexander, Karinna Nobbs, Rosemary Varley 14/05/2018

      Article Recommended

    2. Post-entry internationalisation activity of retailers - Marta Frasquet, John Dawson, Alejandro Mollá 02/08/2013

      Article Recommended

  14. Lectures 19 and 20 Retail failure (and how to avoid it! including turnarounds) 24 items
    1. Analysing retail failure from an historical perspective: A case study of A. Goldberg & Sons plc - John Pal, Dominic Medway, John Byrom 2006

      Article Essential In the Introductory lecture we met some articles on successful retailing. Here's a counterpoint to that stream of research exploring the nature of retail failure at a corporate level.

    2. Rose, S (2007) Back in Fashion, Harvard Business Review; May2007, Vol. 85 Issue 5, p51-58, 9p

      Webpage Essential Article by then CEO of Marks & Spencer. Identifies the actions he took to start a turnaround at M&S

    3. When the tide goes out: gender, leadership and failure in the retail sector - John Pal, Dominic Medway, Gary Warnaby 2010

      Article Essential

    4. Righting the Tesco Supertanker? | Stirlingretail

      Webpage Essential A really short web article by Leigh Sparks


      Article Essential This was also in the section on retail strategy and positioning, so perhaps worth another read...

    6. Deconstructing the notion of blame in corporate failure - John Pal, Dominic Medway, John Byrom 10/2011

      Article Recommended Uses social psychology to deconstruct falure at Goldberg's. Read this after you have read our article from Service Industries Journal.

    7. Brilliant mistake! Essays on incidents of management mistakes and mea culpa

      Article Recommended This article takes a consumer perspective of in-store retail failure.

    8. Chronicles of 'customer experience': the downfall of Lewis's foretold - Anthony Patterson, Julia Hodgson, Jiwei Shi 2008

      Article Recommended

    9. Beyond business failure prediction - Wei-Wen Wu 15/03/2010

      Article Recommended

  15. Lecture 21 Retailers interface with government (as part of a (large) retailer's strategy) 5 items
    1. Working the system - John Pal, Dominic Medway 2008

      Article Essential This is about how retailers influence government policy

    2. When Tony met Bobby

      Webpage Recommended Short commentary about a Freedom of Information request related to WalMart's meeting with then Prime Minister Tony Blair. Did WalMart buy Asda because they were unlikely to get planning permission for stores in the UK?

    3. Shouts and whispers: The lobbying campaigns for and against resale price maintenance - Shirley Harrison 2000/02/01

      Journal Further Identifies different strategies used to lobby government using Asda's campaign to reduce price fixing in the OTC category. Has two useful models. Focuses on a single issue as it affected retailers (and consumers).

    4. Conceptualising innovative customer-facing responses to planning regulation: the UK food retailers

      Journal Further This shows the major retailers' responses to tightening planning regulation