1. Overview of System Development Lifecycle Methodology 10 items
    1. The Logframe and the History of the Market for Projects - Monika Krause

      Chapter  A good introduction in Chapter 3 on the Logframe

    2. Making Sense of Agile Project Management Balancing Control and Agility - Charles G. Cobb

      Webpage Recommended Very good book for Managers, if I was doing an assignment I would read the first few chapters and maybe the whole book:-)

    3. Business information systems: technology, development and management - Bocij, Paul, Hickie, Simon, Greasley, Andrew 2008

      Book Essential Chapter 7 - An introduction to acquiring and developing BIS is a critical read as it provides a key overview of the development process

    4. BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) - Video debate: Agile

      Webpage  Quick overview from project manager, academic and business levels.

    5. Disciplined agile delivery: The foundation for scaling agile - Ambler, Scott W. ; Lines, Mark

      Journal  An introduction to Disiplined Agile Delivery

  2. 01 02 - Database 8 items
    1. Core Reading 3 items
      1. Beginning Database Design From Novice to Professional / by Clare Churcher. - Clare. Churcher author. SpringerLink (Online service)

        Webpage Recommended Good chapter on normalization

    2. Technical Books 2 items
      Books for wider reading on application software
      1. Microsoft Office Access VBA 2007 - Diamond, Scott B., Spaulding, Brent c2008 (electronic resource)


      2. Microsoft Office Access 2007: forms, reports, and queries - McFedries, Paul 2007 (electronic resource)


    3. Journal articles 3 items
  3. 03 04 - Programming 4 items
    1. Technical books 4 items
      1. Computer science: an overview - Brookshear, J. Glenn c2007


      2. Principles of information systems: a managerial approach - Stair, Ralph M., Reynolds, George Walter c2008

        Book  Useful section on Programming Languages

      3. Learning SQL: Proquest Tech & Business Books

        Webpage  A useful introduction to SQL, everyone should read chapter 1. The rest of the book is based on MySQL a popular open source relational database.

      4. Systems analysis and design methods - Whitten, Jeffrey L., Bentley, Lonnie D. c2007


  4. 06 to 09 - Web Design 13 items
    1. Core Reading 7 items
      1. Balanced Website Design Optimising Aesthetics, Usability and Purpose - Dave. Lawrence author. Soheyla Tavakol author.; SpringerLink (Online service) 2007

        Webpage Essential

      2. Return on Engagement Content Strategy and Web Design Techniques for Digital Marketing - Tim. Frick Kate Eyler-Werve 2014

        Webpage Essential Chapter 4 - Design Strategy

      3. Design, user experience, and usability : users and interactions : 4th International Conference, DUXU 2015, held as part of HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2-7, 2015, Proceedings.Part II - DUXU (Conference) (4th : 2015 : Los Angeles, Calif.) Aaron Marcus 1943- editor.; International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (17th : 2015 : Los Angeles, Calif.)


      4. Balanced website design: optimising aesthetics, usability and purpose - Lawrence, Dave, Tavakol, Soheyla c2007


      5. Designing web usability - Nielsen, Jakob 2000


      6. Designing CSS Web pages - Schmitt, Christopher c2003


    2. Web Sites 6 items
      1. The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design - Grannell, Craig 2008 (electronic resource)


      2. HTML & Web design: tips & techniques - Jamsa, Kris A., King, Konrad, Anderson, Andy, NetLibrary, Inc c2002 (electronic resource)


      3. Foundation Website Creation with CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript - Lane, Jonathan, Lewis, Joseph R., Moscovitz, Meitar 2008 (electronic resource)


      4. The design of sites: patterns for creating winning web sites - Van Duyne, Douglas K., Landay, James A., Hong, Jason I. c2007 (electronic resource)


      5. User-centered web design - Cato, John 2001


  5. 09 - Open source 0 items
  6. 10 - Networks 0 items
  7. User-centered web design - Cato, John 2001