1. On (dark) comedy and humour 3 items
    1. On humour - Simon Critchley 2002


    2. The odd one in: on comedy - Alenka Zupančič ©2008

      Book  Mentioned during the lecture in week 7.

    3. La risa melancólica - Alejandro Montiel


  2. General 5 items
    1. Marxism and literature - Raymond Williams 1977


    2. Spanish cultural studies: an introduction : the struggle for modernity - Helen Graham, Jo Labanyi 1995

      Book  This book is mentioned in seminar week 1

    3. Spanish history since 1808 - José Alvarez Junco, Adrian Shubert c2000

      Book  Contains a chapter by Sebastian Balfour on "The Desarrollo Years" (second half of the Franco-dictatorship). It is mentioned during the lecture in week 3.

    4. El precio de la transición - Gregorio Morán 1991


  3. On Isaac Rosa's work 3 items
  4. On thrillers, detective fiction (film and literature) and memory 3 items
    1. Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: el compromiso con la memoria - José F. Colmeiro 2007


    2. Radical justice: Spain and the Southern Cone beyond market and state - Luis Martín-Cabrera c2011

      Book  This book contains a chapter on different manifestations of melancholy in Vázquez Montalbán's Los mares del Sur. It is mentioned during the lecture in week 3.

  5. On womanhood and gender in the Spanish transition 1 item
    1. Queer transitions in contemporary Spanish culture: from Franco to la movida - Gema Pérez-Sánchez c2007