1. Making applications 2 items
    1. CVs (The University of Manchester) - Careers Service The University of Manchester 2018

      Webpage Essential Here is some useful information to help you compile your CV.

  2. About career development and employability: 4 items
    1. Career theory and models - Careers New Zealand 2016

      Webpage  An interesting overview of some varied theories and models.

  3. About choosing a career 6 items
  4. About team work 5 items
    1. Team Roles at Work - R Meredith Belbin 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  This is a classic text that is worth knowing about.

    2. Experiential learning in teams - Anna B. Kayes, D. Christopher Kayes, David A. Kolb 09/2005


    3. Learning in Groups - David Jaques, Gilly Salmon 2007


    4. Creating High Performance Teams - Ray Aldag, Loren W. Kuzuhara 2015

      Book  This has some useful ideas about causes and types of problems in teams.

  5. The University of Manchester's information about Diversity, Respect & Purpose 4 items
    1. Your Say for Your Uni - TUoM The University of Manchester 2018