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Name Code Type
Advanced Principles of Psychiatry MEDN67012 Module
Applied Law (Capacity) MEDN60772 Module
Applied Law (Risk) MEDN60762 Module
Applied Mental Health (Blackboard) MEDN69990 Module
Applied Psychiatry MEDN60751 Module
Assessment, Formulation and Management in Clinical Practice MEDN68121 Module
Best Interest Assessor (Combined Unit for Blackboard) MEDN60781 Module
Clinical Assessment and Clinical Psychiatry MEDN68101 Module
Dissertation (MSc Psychiatry) MEDN67080 Module
Mental Health Issues MEDN60712 Module
MSc Dissertation (Applied Mental Health) MEDN60790 Module
Neurosciences, Neuropsychiatry and Genetics MEDN68132 Module
Practice Education MEDN60731 Module
Psychiatric Specialities 2 and Methodology MEDN67032 Module
Psychiatry Theory 2 MEDN67052 Module
Psychology and Psychotherapy MEDN68122 Module
Psychopharmacology MEDN68111 Module
Role of the AMHP MEDN60741 Module

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Mental Health CCG Leadership Programme 2014-2015 Ended 31/05/2015 23/10/2014 11:39:53