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Assembling a Complete Translational Medicine Stragegy for a Candidate Drug MEDN72051 Module
Assembling a Pre-Clinical Strategy and and Early Clinical Strategy for a New Candidate Drug MEDN72041 Module
Bact Genetics and Antibiotics MEDN60031 Module
Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease BIOL30362 Module
Clinical Endocrinology BIOL30441 Module
Clinical Genetics BIOL30452 Module
Clinical Virology 1 MEDN60132 Module
Clinical Virology 2 MEDN60142 Module
Comprehensive Exam (Occupational Hygiene) MEDN61420 Module
Current Trends in Human Anatomy from Clinical & Research Perspectives BIOL30331 Module
Developing Mental Health Practice MEDN60701 Module
Dissertation - MSc Occupational Hygiene (pre-Sep07 intake) MEDN63200 Module
Dissertation - MSc Occupational Medicine (pre-Sep07 intake) MEDN63190 Module
Dissertation for MSc Medical and Diagnostic Virology MEDN60162 Module
Endocrinology and Cell Biology MEDN61801 Module
Endocrinology and Reproduction BIOL20811 Module
Environmental Physiology of Animals BIOL20441 Module
Excitable Cells BIOL10832 Module
General and Molecular Virology MEDN60011 Module
Genetic Analysis BIOL20201 Module
Glycobiology - Glycan Functions in Health and Disease BIOL30191 Module
Homestasis and Nutrition MEDN61601 Module
Human Anatomy and Histology BIOL20711 Module
Human Reproductive Biology BIOL31561 Module
Laboratory Management and Research Methods MEDN60082 Module
Medical Virology BIOL20491 Module
Microbiology Course Information MEDN60710 Module
Molecular Diagnostics MEDN60121 Module
MRes Translational Medicine Blackboard MEDN22710 Module
MSc Clinical Biochemistry Blackboard MEDN20895 Module
Paper 1: Occupational Health: An Overview & The Scientific Basis MEDN61120 Module
Paper 2: Occupational Diseases I (system-related) & Occupational Diseases II (generalised) MEDN61410 Module
Paper 3: Physical Hazards & Occupational Health: the broader context MEDN61150 Module
Paper 4: Control of Workplace Hazards & Occupational Health Practice MEDN61160 Module
Pharmacology Practical Unit OPTO30621 Module
Public Health and Epidemiology MEDN60152 Module
Quantitative Technologies and Data Analysis MEDN72011 Module
Research Project Placement 1 MEDN70072 Module
Research Project Placement 2 MEDN70032 Module
Stem Cells BIOL30931 Module
Systematic Microbiology 1 MEDN60042 Module
Transferable Skills and Research Methods MEDN72001 Module
Virology Course Information MEDN60720 Module
Viruses and the Host MEDN60111 Module
MEDN60071 Module

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