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Name Code Type
Becoming Global UCOL22501 Module
Bioethics: Contemporary Issues in Science and Biomedicine UCOL21202 Module
Collecting and Exhibiting Culture UCOL22302 Module
Communicating with Confidence UCOL21301 Module
Diverse Britain in a Globalising World UCOL21102 Module
Engaging Communities UCOL22202 Module
Figuring out Society: Data in the News UCOL23002 Module
Leadership of Learning UCOL21002 Module
Physics and the Grand Challenges of Today UCOL29002 Module
Science and Civilisation in East Asia UCOL23102 Module
Science and Civilisation in East Asia UCOL23302 Module
Science Technology and Democracy UCIL24141 Module
Security: Policing, Counter-terrorism and Cyber-security UCOL21701 Module
The Art of Enterprise UCOL24002 Module
The Digital Society UCIL25002 Module
Who wants to live forever?: Challenging myths in human ageing UCOL26002 Module
You Can't Say That!: Learning to think and argue critically UCOL28002 Module

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