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Name Code Type
Acoustics and Hearing Aids I HCDI10350 Module
Acquired Language and Communication Disorders HCDI30540 Module
Adult audio-vestibular pathology and assessment HCDI20590 Module
Adult Audiological Assessment and Management HCDI20020 Module
Adult Rehabilitation HCDI20821 Module
Advanced Studies HCDI40020 Module
Advanced Study Option II HCDI40100 Module
Advanced Study Options HCDI41001 Module
Anatomy and Physiology HCDI10952 Module
Applied Physics and Measurement HCDI10050 Module
Applied Psychology and Sociology HCDI10332 Module
Associate Educator Skills Development HCDI40131 Module
Audio-vestibular Anatomy & Physiology HCDI10361 Module
Audiological Science HCDI20001 Module
Audiology Project I HCDI30840 Module
Audiology Research Project 2 HCDI40670 Module
Auditory Assessment and Rehabilitation I HCDI10452 Module
Calibration HCDI40662 Module
Child Language Development HCDI11031 Module
Children with developmental disabilities HCDI30450 Module
Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics HCDI20100 Module
Clinical Linguistics I HCDI20141 Module
Clinical Linguistics II HCDI31001 Module
Clinical Phonetics HCDI20990 Module
Clinical Placement 1 HCDI60590 Module
Clinical Placement 1 HCDI30590 Module
Clinical Placement 2 HCDI60690 Module
Clinical Placement 2 HCDI30690 Module
Clinical Placement 3 HCDI40222 Module
Clinical Practice HCDI40400 Module
Clinical Practice II HCDI20400 Module
Clinical Practice III HCDI30400 Module
Counselling Skills HCDI60011 Module
Counselling Skills HCDI30011 Module
Developmental Language Disorders 1 HCDI32001 Module
Developmental Language Disorders II HCDI40031 Module
Developmental Speech and Language Disorders A HCDI20321 Module
Dysphagia, Dysarthria, Dyspraxia HCDI20130 Module
Effective Amplification for infants and children HCDI60320 Module
Effective Amplification for Infants and Children HCDI63320 Module
Evidence Based Practice and Service evaluation in SLT (Semester 1) HCDI63541 Module
Evidence Based Practice and Service evaluation in SLT (Semester 2) HCDI63542 Module
Evidence based practice in Speech and Language Therapy HCDI30060 Module
Evidence-based practice HCDI40011 Module
Fluency HCDI30031 Module
Fluency HCDI40341 Module
Fluency & Voice HCDI20041 Module
Hearing Aids HCDI20481 Module
Hearing Aids and the Private Sector HCDI20611 Module
Hearing Science I HCDI20581 Module
Introduction to Audiology HCDI10111 Module
Introduction to BSL and the Social Construction of Deafness HCDI10442 Module
Introduction to Counselling and Rehabilitation 3 HCDI40230 Module
Introduction to Neurosensory Systems and Their Assessment and Management HCDI10070 Module
Language Development and Deafness HCDI11021 Module
Language Processing HCDI20122 Module
Lifelong Disabilities a HCDI20211 Module
Linguistics and Phonetics for Speech and Language Therapy A HCDI11401 Module
Linguistics and Phonetics for Speech and Language Therapy B HCDI11402 Module
Linguistics, Phonetics and Language Development A 2017-18 HCDI10221 Module
Linguistics, Phonetics and Language Development B HCDI10222 Module
Paediatric Audiology HCDI20462 Module
Policy and Practice HCDI60270 Module
Practicals and Clinics I HCDI10550 Module
Practicals and Clinics II HCDI20650 Module
Professional & Clinical Studies HCDI40090 Module
Professional & Clinical Studies 1 HCDI10060 Module
Professional & Clinical Studies II HCDI20060 Module
Professional Studies HCDI30090 Module
Professional Studies I HCDI10090 Module
Professional Studies II HCDI20090 Module
Psychology for Health and Lifespan Development HCDI11501 Module
Research Methods HCDI20072 Module
Research Methods (Audiology) HCDI20002 Module
Statistics HCDI30502 Module
Voice HCDI40121 Module
Voice HCDI30051 Module

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