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Name Code Type
Acoustics and Calibration PSYC60030 Module
Advance Image Analysis PSYC60122 Module
Advanced General Methods in Psychology PSYC69211 Module
Advanced General Methods in Psychology PSYC60012 Module
Advanced Statistics Workshop PSYC60031 Module
Antimicrobials PHAR71370 Module
Application of Microbiology in Biopharmaceuticals PHAR71360 Module
Assessment of Toxicity PHAR71210 Module
Audiological Management PSYC61230 Module
Auditory Assessment and Management PSYC60651 Module
Auditory Science PSYC60041 Module
Biopsychosocial Aspects of Pain PSYC30002 Module
Biotransformation and Kinetics PHAR71220 Module
Business Development Operations PHAR71410 Module
Changing Ways of Working and Living PSYC30162 Module
Clinical and Behavioural Neuroscience PSYC60142 Module
Clinical and Health Psychology in Action PSYC60032 Module
Clinical Cases in Neuropsychology PSYC31132 Module
Clinical Communication PSYC32171 Module
Cognition II and Social Psychology PSYC20351 Module
Cognitive and Social Neuroscience PSYC60132 Module
Cognitive Neuropsychiatry PSYC30031 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience PSYC20402 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language PSYC31191 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory PSYC30661 Module
Cognitive Science PSYC60121 Module
Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology PSYC21052 Module
Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology PSYC20102 Module
Connectionist Neuropsychology of Language PSYC32161 Module
Consciousness, Philosophy & the Brain PSYC30322 Module
Conversation Analysis PSYC30081 Module
Creative Language PSYC32182 Module
Critical Social Psychology PSYC30131 Module
Curricular Access PSYC60280 Module
Developing Deaf Child PSYC60260 Module
Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology PSYC10142 Module
Developmental Psychology & Cognition PSYC20301 Module
Developmental Psychology and Perception PSYC20202 Module
Dissertation PSYCB Module
Dissertation PSYC20200 Module
Dissertation PSYC60010 Module
Dissertation for Psychology/Neuroscience students PSYC30510 Module
Dissertations PSYC61616 Module
Effective Amplification for Infants and Children PSYC63320 Module
Effective Amplification for Infants and Children PSYC60320 Module
Effective Amplification for infants and children PSYC60321 Module
Emotion and Motivation PSYC30802 Module
Emotion and Motivation PSYC30801 Module
Emotion, Personality and Wellbeing PSYC69821 Module
Empirical Work (Psychology and Neuroscience) PSYC20510 Module
Empirical Work and Research Methods PSYC20100 Module
Engineering Principles for Pharmaceutical Microbiologists PHAR71350 Module
Evolution of Behaviour and Cognition PSYC21031 Module
Experimental Design and Optimisation PSYC60141 Module
Eye Witness Testimony PSYC30442 Module
Facilitating Change PSYC60000 Module
Forensic Psychology PSYC31116 Module
Forensics PSYC21071 Module
Functional Neuroanatomy PSYC60112 Module
Gesture PSYC30512 Module
Group Processes in Organisations PSYC30422 Module
Group Working and Communication Skills PSYC10601 Module
Health and Society PSYC60211 Module
Hearing Aids PSYC60081 Module
Image Analysis PSYC60131 Module
Individual Differences in Mental Health & Wellbeing PSYC21042 Module
Individual Differences: Personality and Intelligence PSYC20501 Module
Integration and Risk Assessment PHAR71280 Module
Intra-Personal & Inter-Group Factors in Wellbeing PSYC31221 Module
Introduction to Brain and Behaviour PSYC10032 Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology PSYC10211 Module
Introduction to Social Psychology PSYC10711 Module
Laboratory Work (Psychology/ Neuroscience students) PSYC10550 Module
Language - from acquisition to adulthood PSYC30041 Module
Language Acquisition PSYC60240 Module
language and Communication & Psychology of Mental Health PSYC20341 Module
Language and Communication and Perception PSYC20042 Module
Language Assessment PSYC60250 Module
Lifespan and Ageing PSYC10311 Module
Mechanisms of Toxicity PHAR71260 Module
Mind and Body PSYC69822 Module
Molecular and Cellular Methods in Toxicology PHAR71270 Module
Negotiation and Interpersonal Skills PHAR71440 Module
Neuroimaging Techniques PSYC60111 Module
Neurosensory Science PSYC62010 Module
Nonverbal Communication PSYC31181 Module
Occupational Psychology PSYC30241 Module
Paediatric Audiology PSYC60052 Module
Perception & Cognition PSYC10302 Module
Perceptual Control Theory in Psychotherapy, Sociology and Everyday Behaviour PSYC32211 Module
Personal Study Module PSYC10900 Module
Personal Study Module I PSYC20901 Module
Personal Study Module II PSYC20902 Module
Philosophical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology PSYC60201 Module
Policy and Practice PSYC60270 Module
Practical Issues in Psychological Research PSYC60002 Module
Principles of Toxicology PHAR71200 Module
Professional Skills and Aural Rehabilitation PSYC60060 Module
Project PSYC30920 Module
Project Psy/Neuro PSYC30520 Module
Project/Dissertation (3 modules) PSYC60630 Module
Psychology in action PSYC10410 Module
Psychology of Politics, Identity and Society PSYC32241 Module
Psychology of Time PSYC30312 Module
Qualitative Research Methods PSYC60092 Module
Qualitative Research Methods in Applied Contexts PSYC31151 Module
Regulatory Issues CT PHAR72080 Module
Regulatory Toxicology PHAR71230 Module
Research & Development and Manufacturing PHAR71470 Module
Research Methods PSYC60071 Module
Research Methods & Empirical Work (Labs) PSYC10500 Module
Research Methods & Empirical Work (MCQ) PSYC10700 Module
Research Methods and Statistics PSYC10100 Module
Research Methods I: Conducting Applied Research PSYC60001 Module
Research Methods II: Design and Analysis PSYC69802 Module
Research Project PSYC60110 Module
Research Project Introduction PSYC64002 Module
Sleep Dependent Memory Consolidation PSYC30121 Module
Social Psychology & Perception (Cog Neur & Psy) PSYC20030 Module
Social Psychology, Psychology and Mental Health PSYC20331 Module
Social Psychology,Health Psychology and Psychology of Mental Health PSYC10321 Module
Sociality and Communication: Evolutionary Perspectives PSYC31131 Module
Socio-Cultural Aspects of Insanity PSYC30412 Module
Speech Communication PSYC32191 Module
Statistics and Data Analysis PSYC21061 Module
Statistics and Data Analysis PSYC20001 Module
Statistics and Research Design PSYC10101 Module
Target Organ Toxicology (a) PHAR71240 Module
Target Organ Toxicology (b) PHAR71250 Module
Teaching and Learning 1 PSYC63020 Module
Teaching and Learning 2 PSYC60310 Module
The Evolution of Language PSYC30992 Module
The Research Process in Psychology PSYC60021 Module
Topics and Issues in Developmental Psychology PSYC21021 Module
Tutorials in Psychology PSYC10880 Module
Using Advanced Statistics in Psychology PSYC60301 Module
Vestibular Assessment and Management PSYC60022 Module

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