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Name Code Type
Advanced Pharmaceutical Science PHAR61760 Module
Advanced Therapeutics PHAR60421 Module
Applied Pharmaceutical Science PHAR61740 Module
Aseptics Advanced PHAR61910 Module
Aspects of Sterilisation PHAR71330 Module
Basic Principles (PIAT) PHAR71010 Module
Cancer Biology and Therapy PHAR40162 Module
Cell Biology & Biochemistry PHAR10252 Module
Chemotherapy PHAR30341 Module
Chemotherapy & Phytotherapy PHAR30351 Module
Chronic Conditions 2 PHAR63012 Module
Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Therapeutics 1 PHAR60111 Module
Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Therapeutics 2 PHAR60101 Module
Clinical Pharmacy Skills PHAR63001 Module
Clinical Pharmacy Virtual Common Room I3038-01015-00904 Module
Controlled Release Dosage Forms (PIAT) PHAR71070 Module
Core Tutorials PHAR30270 Module
Core Tutorials PHAR20010 Module
Core Tutorials PHAR40010 Module
Core Tutorials and Practical Skills PHAR10181 Module
Disease Management 1 PHAR30010 Module
Disease Management 2 PHAR40101 Module
Disease Management 3 PHAR40302 Module
Dissertation for MSc PEAT PHAR71130 Module
Dissertation for MSc PIAT PHAR70210 Module
Drug Metabolism and Disposition PHAR30312 Module
Drug Toxicity PHAR20511 Module
Drug Toxicity PHAR20231 Module
Education and Training PHAR60431 Module
Environment Systems - HVAC, Effluent and Containment (PEAT) PHAR70050 Module
Extemporaneous Formulation PHAR30231 Module
Extended Skills Communication and Consultation PHAR65400 Module
Extended Skills: Clinical Practice PHAR65200 Module
Facility Design, Construction and Finishes (PEAT) PHAR70040 Module
Financial Modelling in the Pharmaceutical Industries PHAR71420 Module
Forensic Science PHAR20192 Module
Foundation Biology PHAR10111 Module
Foundation Maths PHAR10321 Module
Foundations of PTQA PHAR61780 Module
GP Pharmacist Training Pathway (GPPTP) Module 2 PHAR64000 Module
Health Care Management PHAR60122 Module
Influences on Professional Practice PHAR40262 Module
Information Technology PHAR10161 Module
Inhalation Dosage Forms (PIAT) PHAR70150 Module
Integrated Research Skills PHAR30400 Module
Interlectual Propery Rights PHAR71460 Module
Intro to Pharmaceutical Technology and Micro-Biology (PEAT) PHAR70020 Module
Introduction to Clinical Pharmaceutical Science 1 PHAR61720 Module
Introduction to Clinical Pharmaceutical Science 2 PHAR61730 Module
Introduction to Clinical Pharmaceutical Science 2A PHAR61790 Module
Introduction to Clinical Trials PHAR72010 Module
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Technology PHAR71300 Module
Introduction to Pharmacy Public Health Services PHAR62221 Module
Introduction to the Healthcare Industry PHAR71400 Module
Introductory Cell Biology, Biochemistry & Microbiology PHAR10422 Module
Key Management Tools PHAR71380 Module
Law Relating to Pharmacy PHAR30452 Module
Law Relating to Pharmacy Up-Date PHAR40322 Module
Leadership and management PHAR60422 Module
Legal Issues PHAR71430 Module
Liquid and Semi-Solid Dosage Forms (PIAT) PHAR71050 Module
Liquid Products, Parenterals, Sterilisation (PEAT) PHAR70070 Module
Long term conditions and MURs PHAR62251 Module
Manufacturing Operations and Improvement (PEAT) PHAR70100 Module
Marketing and Commercialisation PHAR71450 Module
Medical gas testing PHAR61930 Module
Medicinal Chemistry PHAR20172 Module
Medicine Design 2 PHAR20242 Module
Medicine Design I PHAR20221 Module
Medicine into Practice PHAR40100 Module
Medicines Evaluation Skills PHAR63002 Module
Medicines Management PHAR65000 Module
Medicines Management and Practice Research PHAR60092 Module
Medicines Optimisation and Therapeutics 1 PHAR60411 Module
Medicines Optimisation and Therapeutics 2 PHAR60521 Module
Medicines Optimisation and Therapeutics 2 PHAR60511 Module
Mental Health PHAR63031 Module
Microbial Disease and Immunisation PHAR40191 Module
Microbial Pathogenicity and Immunology PHAR20161 Module
Microbiological Environmental Monitoring & Control (sterile & non-sterile manufacturing areas PHAR71320 Module
Multidisciplinary Learning in Patient Safety using EBL PHAR40291 Module
Novel Drug Delivery Systems PHAR40151 Module
Operations Management (PIAT) PHAR71080 Module
Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry PHAR10101 Module
Orientation to Pharmacy Practice (Yr0) PHAR12340 Module
Orientation to the Practice of Pharmacy PHAR10432 Module
Packaging (PIAT) PHAR71100 Module
Packaging - Design and Operations (PEAT) PHAR70090 Module
Paediatrics - clinical pharmacy PHAR63041 Module
Patient Centred Care PHAR65100 Module
Pharmaceutical Analysis PHAR20091 Module
Pharmaceutical Calculations PHAR10472 Module
Pharmaceutical Care PHAR40312 Module
Pharmaceutical Chemistry PHAR20212 Module
Pharmaceutical Chemistry - EBL PHAR10192 Module
Pharmaceutical Engineering (PIAT) PHAR71120 Module
Pharmaceutical Microbiology PHAR30261 Module
Pharmaceutical Risk Management and the role of the Qualified Person PHAR61920 Module
Pharmacokinetics - Dosage Regimen Design PHAR40282 Module
Pharmacovigilance - post marketing surveillance PHAR72070 Module
Pharmacy PGR Blackboard PHAR61234 Module
Pharmacy Public Health Services: Sexual and Reproductive Health Services semester 1 PHAR62231 Module
Pharmacy Public Health Services: Substance use and misuse services semester 2 PHAR62242 Module
Phase 11 CT PHAR72040 Module
Phase 111 CT PHAR72050 Module
Phase 1: CT PHAR72030 Module
Physical Pharmacy 1 PHAR10131 Module
Physical Pharmacy 2 PHAR10452 Module
Physiological Biopharmaceutics PHAR30222 Module
Physiology 2 PHAR20182 Module
Physiology I PHAR20141 Module
Plant, Process and Computer Systems Validation (PEAT) PHAR70120 Module
Pre-formulation Studies 1 (PIAT) PHAR71020 Module
Pre-formulation Studies 2 (PIAT) PHAR71030 Module
Prescribing: Evidence Utilisation and Management PHAR60412 Module
Process Control, Automation and Data Management (PEAT) PHAR70110 Module
Product Development Management (PIAT) PHAR70160 Module
Production & Characterisation of Clinically Important Drugs PHAR40252 Module
Production and Development of Drugs PHAR40250 Module
Project PHAR40500 Module
Project PHAR40400 Module
Quality Assurance (PIAT) PHAR71090 Module
Quality Assurance and Regulatory Issues (PEAT) PHAR70030 Module
Quality Assurance in Microbiology Laboratories PHAR71340 Module
Quality Control PHAR61900 Module
Quality Control Laboratory Testing (PIAT) PHAR70130 Module
Radiopharmacy Advanced PHAR61940 Module
Rational Drug Design PHAR30332 Module
Regulatory Affairs (PIAT) PHAR71110 Module
Research methods PHAR60512 Module
Research Project PHAR61810 Module
Research Project 1 PHAR61750 Module
Research Project 2 PHAR61770 Module
Safety, Health and Environment (PEAT) PHAR70010 Module
Safety,Health and Environment (PIAT) PHAR70140 Module
Scientific and Medical Writing PHAR70710 Module
Serviced and Utilities - Steam, Water and Gases (PEAT) PHAR70060 Module
Setting up and running Clinical Trials PHAR72020 Module
Social Pharmacy (Communication) PHAR20132 Module
Social Pharmacy (Governance, Ethics & the Professional Workforce) PHAR40611 Module
SOCIAL PHARMACY (Policy, Practice, Research & Evaluation) PHAR30392 Module
Solid Dosage Forms (PEAT) PHAR70080 Module
Solid Oral Dosage Forms (PIAT) PHAR71040 Module
Specialist Medicines Optimisation and Therapeutics PHAR63021 Module
Statistical requirements and study design PHAR72060 Module
Sterile Dosage Forms (PIAT) PHAR71060 Module
Surgery PHAR62252 Module
The Medicine PHAR20100 Module
The Medicine PHAR10100 Module
The Medicine PHAR30100 Module
The Patient PHAR10300 Module
The Patient PHAR20300 Module
The Patient PHAR40300 Module
The Pharmacist PHAR10200 Module
The Pharmacist PHAR40200 Module
The Pharmacist PHAR20200 Module
The Practice of Pharmacy PHAR40021 Module
The Public PHAR10400 Module
The Public PHAR20400 Module
Using OTC Medicines in the Treatment of Minor Ailments PHAR30381 Module
Water Aspects PHAR71310 Module

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